About Us

about us

Your complete logistical support branch based in Ontario and Quebec serving Canada and the USA

We at TFT Alco Group INC are proud to offer you your complete cross-border logistics solutions. We take care of all your equipment and vehicle cross-border transportation across both Canada and the United States.

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about us

About Us

At TFT Alco Group INC, we are a full-service carrier provider of local, provincial, international and piggyback transportation services across Canada and the United States.

Our hands-on expertise and extensive networks ensure we offer the best insurance coverage, relocation package, and custom compliance services available in the industry. 

We also offer various value-added services such as dealer plates, border-crossing permits, and parking.

TFT Alco Group INC strives to provide sound advice to all our customers in determining the right option for transporting their assets. We can deliver any type of vehicle ranging from self-propelled vehicles to minivans to over-dimensional concrete pumpers.

Nothing is impossible for us to move!

about us

Our Mission

We have always believed in a mission to do exactly what our clients hire us for. Since 2019, we at TFT Alco Group INC have been safely and promptly delivering vehicles from one point to another across the USA and Canada.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a local, provincial or international move.

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about us

What makes TFT Alco Group different?

We have a team of licensed drivers across Canada at your disposal for all your transport needs.  A strict and specific hiring process is in place in order to undergo our unique training.

TFT Alco Group INC can help save you valuable time by filling out all relevant customs processing and permits paperwork for you. 

All you need to do is send us a message to inform us.

Our representative will contact you as soon as possible to provide and get additional details.

TFT Alco Group INC does not believe in wasting your or our time while providing quotes for our services. That’s why we don’t have a long and complicated order submission process.

We believe in convenience, ease of use, and flexibility. We have a short form for you that you can fill out in minutes. 

Or you can alternatively just give us a call. Our dedicated and efficient customer service agents will then guide you through the entire order submission process. 

Our quote involves coordination costs for the entire transportation process. It includes expenses for preparing and loading vehicles and equipment and its unloading and delivery to the final destination.

We offer a range of full-service solutions to meet every transportation requirement. We deliver self-propelled vehicles like light trucks or heavy commercial trucks, tractors, busses, mixer trucks, and even garbage trucks from one spot to another in their power. 

TFT Alco Group INC has the expertise and skills to deliver our client’s assets soundly, safely, and on time. We even have specialized equipment to deliver trucks and chassis in a piggyback format.

Thank you for visiting our page. We at TFT Alco Group INC are proud to offer the best vehicular transportation services across Canada and the USA.

We have provided as much information about our services. But please do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone if you have any other queries. 

We have a team of efficient representatives always ready to answer all your queries as quickly as possible. We also cater to all your quote requests.

Do you have any questions or comments?

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