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TFT Alco Group Inc. is a shuttle truck company specializing in the transportation of 
vehicles and heavy equipment, recognized as a supplier of choice in the field of truck transport. 

We cater to a variety of transportation needs across Canada and the United States offering DriveAway and TowAway jockey shuttle services for a wide range of vehicles and heavy equipment. 

1. Local Services 

Our local services provide our clients with personalized solutions based on each customer’s time and cost requirements. Our drivers are well equipped with a wide range of tools to ensure safe and timely deliveries. 


2. Inter-Provincial 

TFT ALCO GROUP Inc. has  drivers across Canada ready to serve you around the clock, transporting vehicles across major cities in the country. 

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3. International

TFT Alco Group’s international transport services are especially vital for companies operating between Canada and the United States. Our efficiency and high levels of organization and logistical support help facilitate the effortless transfer of vehicles and equipment across the border. 


4. Piggyback Transportation Services 

TFT Alco Group offers a wide range of convenient piggybacking truck transportation to handle multiple vehicles at once and thus reduce traffic. We keep weight considerations in mind to accommodate every type of truck in the market. 

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5. Value-Added Services 

TFT Alco Group also offers various value-added services like dealer plates and reasonably priced parking facilities. We also help you fill out all customs processing and permits paperwork to save time. 

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